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For more than 40 years we have been servicing and delivering to our residents and businesses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Although our main office is based in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, we happily serve our customers within roughly a 60 mile radius for all your delivery needs. We deliver for the smaller bulk tanks for your fireplace to larger tanks for your whole-home-heating to your 100# tanks for your cook stoves. Blue Flame runs delivery routes for our Automatic Fill customers roughly every 4-6 weeks during the fall and winter, depending on the weather. We also have Will Call customers who call the office when their tanks are on 35 – 40% so that we can get them on the routes in time for their next fill. Our 100# cooking customers simply call in for delivery when one of their exchange tanks go empty and they switch to the second tank, giving them uninterrupted service.

When do I call for more propane? The gauge that is mounted on your propane tank, just under the hood on your tank, measures the volume of propane remaining in your tank as a percentage. When you call our customer service team in the office, simply read your gauge at the small pointing end and let your representative know what % of gas remains in your tank. When you see your tank around 35 – 40%, please make that call so we can keep your service going without any issue. Please keep in mind that the gauge gives only a close approximation of propane remaining in your tank and may vary depending upon many factors including ambient outdoor temperature. As temperatures increase, the vapor pressure inside the tank will increase and as the temperature decreases, so will the pressure inside the tank.

Blue Flame will deliver between 80 – 85% to your tank depending on the time of year. Since propane expands and contracts, you must have space in your tank for the gas to move. That is why you will never see your tank at 100% filled.

Appliance Hookup and Repair / New Gas Appliances

At Blue Flame, we do more than just deliver propane. From simple annual maintenance cleaning to installing a new heater, we are here and ready to take care of you! Our knowledgeable service team is there to walk you through your new product after an install or show you how to easily light your pilot. We pride ourselves on taking care of everyone in our community and making sure they are staying warm and toasty on cold winter days.

Do you think you want to add a new fireplace or how about a heating stove? Call our customer service team and they will get you set up and scheduled for a FREE site check and estimate. Blue Flame will send a technician to understand and review exactly what you are looking to do before you get started. We can make suggestions and provide information to you before you do any major construction to save you money and time. Whether you are just starting construction on a new home or you are adding a new appliance, our service team will collect your information, and our customer service team will send you an estimate on the job cost. Once you accept the estimate, we get you on the schedule to move forward on your new addition!

What if my gas furnace breaks down in the middle of the night and I have no heat? Don’t worry, Blue Flame has 24/7 Emergency for just that situation. Our technicians are available to handle your emergencies for after hours. If you just need a regular service, please call our customer service team, during regular business hours, and they will be happy to get you on the schedule to get you all taken care of.

Our service team will handle hooking up all of your new gas appliances from gas dryers, cook stoves and generators. Stop in to our showroom and pick out a fireplace, heating stove, space heaters, garage heaters or even hot water heaters. Not only can you purchase these heaters from Blue Flame, we will get you on the schedule to get your installation completed and then be there for you year after year to keep your appliances running as efficiently as possible.

Propane Exchange Services, Cylinder fills and Auto-gas Fill Ups

20# Grill tank exchanges are offered at our office. If you have a larger cylinder from 30# – 100#, we will be happy to help you as well. If you do not want to swap out your grill tank, we are happy to do a refill of your current tank as well. Don’t miss out on the big game because your grill ran out of gas. From tailgating to family outings, keep those tanks filled at Blue Flame!

If you haven’t heard the great news, let us be the first to tell you that a new automobile fuel that is now available is propane! Yes, that is right, Propane is fueling school buses, automobiles and even lawnmowers! Why not use the Clean American Energy to fuel our future!

Programs and Payment Options

Sign up in July and August for the program that works best for your finances and needs for the cold winters. We have several to pick from to suit the varying needs of our customers. Check them out and give our customer service team a call today to sign up.


The price of propane fluctuates with the market and will typically spike in the winter when demand is at its highest. Avoid paying those higher prices by purchasing your estimated gallons for usage in the summer months while prices are lower. You pay a small administration fee to get the program set up, purchase your average usage in gallons at a cheaper price and keep your family warm all winter long! This is the best bargain program that Blue Flame offers. You must meet the average usage requirement and purchase a minimum of 400 gallons in order to get this fixed price. Programs expire on April 1st of each year, so any credit balance that you have on your account will just be carried to the next year!

Warmth Without Worry:

This program is for customers that typically use between 300 – 400 gallons of propane during the winter season. Again there is a small administration fee to get the program set up, but you are fixed on the price of gas for your winter heating season. Programs expire on April 1st of each year, so you must use all of these gallons or your will lose them, no credit will carry over.

Freeze Price:

Maybe you don’t have the money to pay for all of your gallons up front. That’s okay, we have a program for you that locks in your rate for the year up to your average usage gallons. You have a locked price, you pay for your gallons as you go through the winter, delivery fees do apply for this program and there is a small administration fee to get the program set up. Since you are not paying upfront for your gallons, you are just paying as you go, which helps you manage your funds better.

Budget Plan:

This is a very popular program for our customers. Blue Flame will take your average usage of gallons and estimate what your costs would be for heating in that year. We then come up with an estimated payment that you make monthly to keep your account in good standing and you can plan better for your finances.

Automatic Payment or Online Payment:

Blue Flame can also set up an automatic payment from your bank or credit card account so there is no need to remember to send that payment in each month. We want to make this as easy as possible for you, so contact our customer service team today to get your automatic payment set up. Your payment can be set up for a specific amount each month OR you can set up the payment to be in full once your delivery is made and the full amount is updated on your account. If you do not feel comfortable with an automatic payment, you can access your account by clicking on the red “My Account” button on the home page to set up your password to login and pay whenever you feel comfortable.

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